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Graduated from the Homeschool or

Tutoring program, and hungry for more?

Our After-School programs give graduates of training programs a peek into what you can do next.

Take our 6 week Sampler Course to try out agility, nosework, CGC/therapy certification, trick training, and rally obedience!

If one suits you and your dog, join group classes to train and compete with us!


All participating dogs must have graduated from a Homeschool, Tutoring, or custom training package.  After-School programs are all about having fun and building relationships in a safe and stress-free environment.


Classes are held at public settings near our offical location in your city.  While exact location may change, we typically have space reserved at a local brewery.  You're welcome to grab a drink during class!


Fill out the form below to get on the list for the next Sampler Class.  We'll be in touch about availble start dates.  The Sampler Class is 5 weeks long and meets once weekly near our locations for 60 - 75 minutes.


Who teaches the After-School classes?

Classes are taught by Traction's obedience and behavior trainers.  You may see your own trainer teaching class!

How much do classes cost?

The Sampler Class costs $300 total, or $60 per 60 - 75 minute class.  Specialized classes vary in length, but also cost about $60 per class and meet once weekly.

Can I bring my reactive dog?

You will need to complete a training program that addresses your dog's reactivity before participating in any After-School programs at Traction.  If you're nearing the end of your training program or have finished a training program but are nervous to attend a group class, talk to your trainer about having them accompany you to your first class.

Is this a good way to socialize my dog?

Absolutely! Dogs will not have play time together during class, but socialization is all about expsoure to new things, places, settings, people, and dogs.

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