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Traction Dog Training Club provides 5-star one on one training for the family dogs of Boulder, Colorado. We take a long term approach to your relationship with your dog, and can provide intensive behavior and obedience programs tailored to your dog’s learning style.

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Private Dog Training Club 

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colorado’s original
varsity membership

Lifelong training as part of the Boulder

community, committed to outstanding dogs.

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how it works

Homeschool: How it Works

2: select a training program

If you’re looking for something more intensive, we have 3 training programs available. The main considerations in selecting a training program are your level of interest in the training process, the amount of time you have for training, and the complexity of your training goals.

Our trainers will help select and custom tailor a training program during your free consultation!

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3: join the club

Most of our students graduate to our Varsity program, built to help you keep the momentum after a great training program and start exploring extracurricular activities!

Varsity membership is monthly and includes group extracurricular activities like Agility Play-Days or swim classes, regular in-home training sessions, and access to overnight boarding in our trainers’ homes!

1: free consultation with a trainer

Schedule a free phone consultation with our trainers in Boulder. We'll dive into details of what training will look like and customize a training plan that suits your lifestyle.

Our trainers are top in the industry, from Special Ops handlers to lion trainers and Ne Po Po® Gold grads. Whether it’s obedience, behavior, or a Boulder Voice & Sight permit, we’ll build the perfect program for you.

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$45 - 680 monthly


Varsity is our one of a kind club training membership. It includes private in home training sessions, access to members-only extracurricular classes, and access to boarding in trainers’ homes so you can stay consistent even while you’re away.

Pricing is based on how many private sessions you select for each month.

jumpstart programs


5 week in-home program that begins with one in-person consultation, then consists of one 1:1 training session and one coaching session with the parent(s) each week for 4 weeks.

Best for:

People who want a light jumpstart while staying hands on in their dog’s training.

Daily homework is required.



3 week in-home program with a 1:1 training session between dog and trainer each Monday through Thursday, and a coaching session with the parent(s) each Friday.

Best for:

People with multiple family members.

Dogs in obedience programs or with goals specific to their home, such as fence fighting.


Study abroad

2 week program during which your dog lives with their trainer, allowing total consistency throughout multiple daily training sessions.

Best for:

People who want a big-picture approach to their dog’s learning plan or live outside Boulder.

Dogs in behavior programs or off leash/advanced programs.


Continued Education Programs
perks of varsity

Free Training Events

Participate in free events like agility group classes and 

paw-ttery classes where you can practice manners and have fun with your neighbors!

Help Local Rescue Dogs

Many Boulder rescue dogs struggle with behavior issues that make it difficult to stay in loving homes. With each Varsity membership, Traction’s team helps them become exemplary family pets.

Learn More

Boarding Access

Board your dog in a Traction Trainer's personal Colorado home to live the life of a trainer’s dog.  Keep training consistent even while you're away.

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Meet the Trainers

meet the team

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mara soo
lion, bear & elk trainer

  • Trained upper-level competitive sport horses across the US, working with trainers up to the Olympic level

  • Trained mountain lions, bears, elk, bald eagles, otters and owls professionally

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

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tina chavez
ne po po® gold school graudate

  • Trained directly by Bart Bellon, inventor of many modern dog training methods, as a Certified Electronic Collar Trainer for Martin Systems Technology

  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R., and Trick Dog Evaluator

  • Competes in APPDA, PSA, and American Schutzhund (protection and patrol dogs)


eric knierim
air force k-9 handler

  • Certified Air Force MWD Handler in obedience, patrol, and narcotics and explosives detection

  • Led the use of K-9 security dogs on 10 US Presidential Secret Service missions and for protection of the Air Force Chief of Staff and Chief of Space Operations

  • Held K-9 obedience training seminars for the US Secret Service, German Air Force, and US Navy

kayla liddington
paw-ffice manager

  • Oversaw a team of 70 trainers and veterinarians at a Syracuse, NY veterinary facility for 8 years

  • Led canine behaviorists and veterinarians in incorporating behavior management and training practices into veterinary handling protocols used for for over 15,000 vet visits per year

  • TDTC certified to conduct training consultations and behavior evaluations

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service area & faq
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About our Service Area

Our service area includes any address within a 15 minute commute from 1570 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO, 80303.

If you are outside this area, no worries!

You can meet us in Boulder or Wheat Ridge for training, or pay extra fees and we'll come to your home anyway.

Schedule a phone consultation to get an exact quote if you are outside our service area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enroll more than one dog in a training program?
    Yes, although in most situations the length of each training session as well as the price of each program increases by 50%. This allows ample time to be spent with each dog without doubling the price of the program. We offer a detailed consultation to determine the best approach for training your dogs together.
  • What training methods do you use?
    Our trainers are skilled in multiple science-backed training methodologies and apply any methods that will be safe and effective for your dog. Most training programs primarily rely on positive reinforcement training and will be supplemented with balanced dog training methods. View a detailed outline of our training methods here, and specific approaches to different goals from the menu of our website.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. You will have the option to choose a payment plan through Affirm after signing up for a program. Affirm offers payment plans from 2 to 36 months long. Learn more about payment plans through Affirm here. Varsity members simply pay $95 or more per month for training with no upfront costs.
  • Could my dog be too young or too old for training?
    We find that old dogs are the easiest to teach new tricks! However, we recommend that puppies under 16 weeks of age train on Varsity and complete a more intensive training program when they’re over 16 weeks of age. This ensures you have a sound plan for potty training, crate training, socialization, and preventing bad habits from day one. Schedule a phone consult with a trainer to get started today.
  • Can I cancel Varsity at any time?
    Yes! You can pause or cancel your Varsity membership at any time.
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