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Traction Dog Training Club provides intensive in-home dog training programs to Austin, Texas. Our unique dog training programs combine one-on-one training sessions for your dog as well as regular family coaching sessions.

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Could not be more happy and thankful for Will at Traction! We have a 4 year old Catahoula that was adopted a year ago, he had a multitude of issues that we did not know how to handle. Leash aggression, incessant barking at new people, and generally not listening to any of our commands! Straight away Will was amazing with him and we now have the skills that Will taught us to not only understand the "Right" and "Wrong" way to train a dog but the gift of an obedient dog, who is happy, which makes us happy!!

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homeschool program

Daily training for your dog in their own home

and neighborhood in Austin, all while you're at work.

Frenchie French Bulldog trick training paw wave

I went through a couple other trainers while trying to train both my dogs. I spent weeks with these trainers and too much money (it’s embarrassing) and they couldn’t accomplish what Mara did in ONE DAY. She was so kind but firm with her training, my dogs Juniper and Aspen loved to listen to her and she taught me how to properly communicate so we can continue our loving relationship. WE ARE SO HAPPY with Traction! We opted for the homeschooling sessions and the repetitive training really stuck. We will only continue the training!

homeschool: how it works

96% of people choose the Homeschool program.


1: customize your training agenda

Schedule a consultation with our dog trainers in Austin to build a custom training program that makes sense for your dog and family. 

Following your phone consultation, you'll receive an email package with everything you need to get started in one place.  A signed training agreement and a $199 deposit officially reserve your training dates.

Polite gentleman dog. Bring your dog to dinner in public with you.
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2: complete a 3-week program

Monday through Thursday each week consists of one-on-one training sessions between dog(s) and trainer in your Austin home and neighborhood.  This minimizes distractions for both dog and trainer and allows the most progress possible to take place.

Friday each week consists of a private coaching session with the family.  Your trainer will explain the best training methods for your dog, demonstrate your dog's new skills, and coach each owner as learn to use and enforce the new skills.

3: plan continued education

Following your 3 week program, your dog has lifetime priority access to our Petsitting Program, our Varsity Subscription, and After-School Programs like agility, nosework, rally obedience, trick training, and more! 

The Varsity Subscription covers one session with your trainer monthly to tweak, improve, and add on to your dog's skills.

In addition, the Homeschool program includes 2 free follow-up sessions.

Undoubtedly the best dog trainer I’ve ever worked with. While my friends’ dogs are still jumping on strangers and barking incessantly, my pup is well behaved and learning more all the time. Mara is a wonderful trainer and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her on TV in the future teaching a wider audience how to have a better relationship with their dog.



Homeschool effective fast straghtforward

homeschool program

3 week program with four 1:1 training sessions and one coaching session with the owner(s) each week.


Includes 2 free follow-up sessions & priority access to Petsitting and After-School programs.

Best for people who want superior results or have busy schedules.


Tutoring program lightbulb learn fast

tutoring program

4 week program with one 1:1 training session and one coaching session with the owner(s) each week.

Includes intial in-person consultation.

Best for people who want to be hands-on in achieving results.  Homework is required.


Private lessons homework practice coaching in home

private lessons

Individual private coaching sessions with the owners.

Best for people who want training touch-ups or have some training experience.

Not available for off leash or behavior training.

$320 - 800

Traction Dog Training Club is legitimately one of the best resources for training your dog! They took my tornado of a yellow lab from constantly jumping on anyone who came into my house and choking himself out on our walks to a well behaved obedient pup. I’m still surprised how much changed in just three weeks. I couldn’t be happier!


Available to Graduates of the Homeschool & Tutoring Programs

The Petsitting Program

Board your dogs in a Traction Dog Trainer's private Texas home as the only extra guest.  Keep training consistent even while you're away.

The Varsity Subscription

Subscribe to one monthly lesson with your trainer in Austin to continue making tweaks, advancements and improvements, or simply to make sure training never slips up.

After-School Programs

Enroll in a 6-week Sampler Class and try out extracurricular activities with your dog! 

You'll try agility, nosework, disc, rally obedience, CGC/therapy certification, and trick training!


Traction's techniques make Cesar Millan look like a rookie...seriously. Our pups have all responded so well to their teachings. We have three dogs, ranging from a pup to 13 years old. All of our dogs are more obedient, and I believe happier. They don't jump on people at the door. They don't jump on the couch (unless invited). They peacefully sleep in their kennels. Our relationship with our dogs has never been better. Mara is a true professional. She also watches our home while we travel. It's a great feeling to know our pups are happy and our home is safe. Thank you, Mara. You are great teacher and even better person.


meet the trainers

Mara Soo and Doberman Venom protection training

mara soo
lion, bear & elk trainer

  • Trained upper-level sport horses across the US

  • Trained mountain lions, bears, elk, bald eagles, otters and owls professionally

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

Tina Chavez and Doberman Vida PSA training

tina chavez
top 10% ne po po graudate

  • Learned directly from Bart Bellon, inventor of many modern dog training methods

  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R., and Trick Dog Evaluator

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

Will Coggins and Shepherd Bako hiking off leash

will coggins
special ops, swat, & fbi k9 trainer

  • Certified MWD Handler in obedience, patrol, and narcotics and explosives detection

  • Graduated Marine Corps K9's intensive training course in long range off leash training

  • Conducted dog training seminars for the Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, NCIS, and NPD

Kelsey Bowyer and Aussie Oakley hiking off leash strong bond

kelsey bowyer
protection sports decoy

  • PSA decoy/trainer and competitor in PSA (protection & patrol dogs)

  • Head Trainer certified and Remote Collar certified from Sit Means Sit

  • Certified PAVLOV Dog Trainer in Operant Conditioning and Learning Theory

Thank You Traction,
We are so pleased with the results of your training. Archie is a very active and high energy Australian Terrier.
We tried two previous trainers to no avail and had almost given up hope. Thanks to you he is now becoming a much better, happier, well behaved dog. It's so nice to take him for a loose leash walk, by our side, without feeling like we are flying a kite. Also at home, among other things, he will stay in place when asked, instead of terrorizing the house. The skills you have taught us and Archie are truly appreciated. Your professionalism and reliability is exceptional and we would highly recommend you to our friends.

service area & faq
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Service Area & Out-of-Service-Area Protocols

Our service area includes any address within a 20 minute commute from 6203 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78731.

If you are outside this area, no worries!

You can meet us in Austin for training, or pay extra fees and we'll come to your home anyway.

Schedule a phone consultation to get an exact quote if you are outside our service area.

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Amazing, highly qualified and loving pup trainers - best I've ever worked with in decades of dog parenting!! They calmed our overzealous adolescent sheepdog mix in a short 3 week Homeschool. No more jumping, rushing the door, nipping, leash reactivity... and we can now take her everywhere. Can't recommend these folks enough! Will def work with them again.


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Complete your 3-5 week Custom Training Program

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Enjoy our Petsitting, After-School, and Varsity programs, Lifelong!


The Traction Dog Training Club was born in 2020 in Boulder, Colorado and was instantly a success, growing to 3 cities and hiring 6 full time team members within the first 6 months.  What makes Traction such a hit? It was uniquely founded on class, quality, and a reliably elite experience.  We not only train Austin's classiest dogs, we provide the classiest experience.  You will only find the industry's best trainers on our team, backed by an expectation of straightforward interactions and clear results.  This is a reflection of the relationship we strive to build between you and your dog, as well as your community.  We hope to continue a relationship with you for years, covering each of your canine needs and providing a lifelong go-to for you and your dog.

Thank you for joining the Traction Dog Training Club!