how we train:

Small world?

Stranger Danger encompases any difficulty your dog has meeting new people.  This could be fearfulness or aggression.

Resolving this behavior requires a custom combination of techniques for each dog.  Most dogs are first strategically desesnitized ​to the type of interactions they are uncomfortable with.  This means long, uneventful training sessions where your dog will be kept within range of someone who makes them feel uncomfortable, without reaching the point of a panic attack or display of aggression.

In the final and third week, we may then add in "no", followed by a correction your dog finds annoying, for any barking/scratching/etc.  This prevents your dog from reaching a level of panic they may otherwise be prone to, leaving them instead to build a new habit of settling or sleeping when left alone.  To graduate the program, your dog spends two extended periods home alone as a trainer watches through a camera.

For some dogs, muzzling can build a new habit of settling when left alone.

By the end of the Homeschool program, dogs can typically be left home alone without issue or panic.

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