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by traction

Traction Dog Training Club trains the classiest dogs in Colorado and Texas. Our dog training programs are privately catered and custom tailored for each dog and their office environment.

Exclusive programs coming available at your office!

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mara soo
lion, bear & elk trainer

  • Trained upper-level competitive sport horses across the US, working with trainers up to the Olympic level

  • Trained mountain lions, bears, elk, bald eagles, otters and owls professionally

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

Tina Chavez.png

tina chavez
ne po po® gold school graudate

  • Trained directly by Bart Bellon, inventor of many modern dog training methods, as a Certified Electronic Collar Trainer for Martin Systems Technology

  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R., and Trick Dog Evaluator

  • Competes in APPDA, PSA, and American Schutzhund (protection and patrol dogs)


will coggins
special ops, swat, & fbi k-9 trainer

  • Certified MWD Handler in obedience, patrol, and narcotics and explosives detection

  • Graduated Marine Corps K-9's intensive training course in long range off leash training

  • Conducted dog training seminars for the FBI, Homeland Security, Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal, NCIS, ATF, and NPD

Eric Knierim Headshot.jpg

eric knierim
air force k-9 handler

  • Certified Air Force MWD Handler in obedience, patrol, and narcotics and explosives detection

  • Led the use of K-9 security dogs on 10 US Presidential Secret Service missions and for protection of the Air Force Chief of Staff and Chief of Space Operations

  • Held K-9 obedience training seminars for the US Secret Service, German Air Force, and US Navy

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