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petsitting programs

petsitting faq

How much does petsitting cost?

Petsitting is available to graduates of our Homeschool program for $80/day or to graduates of our Tutoring program for $85/day.  You will be charged for each day we have your dog in our care, not for each night.

Where will my dog stay?

Your dog will stay in a Traction trainer's private home and will live as part of our family.  We only board one dog at a time so that your dog gets ample attention and time to play.  Some of our trainers may be willing to stay at your house with your dogs.  Ask your trainer about this option.

Does petsitting include any training?

Rules will be strictly enforced during your dog's stay, but our trainers do not set aside time for dedicated training sessions.

What if my dog is not friendly towards other dogs?

No problem! Your dog will be kept separate from our trainer's personal dogs and will get individual time in the house and yard.

Is petsitting always available?

No, but graduates of the Homeschool program are always given priority access to our trainers' availability.  Because each trainer only boards one dog at a time, availability is still limited.  Request petsitting days as far in advance as you can using the Petsitting Request Form.

Petsitting Request Form

petsitting request form
Only available to Tutoring and Homeschool program graduates

Requirements to participate in Traction's petsitting program:

  • My dog is enrolled in or has completed Traction's Tutoring or Homeschool Program

  • My dog can be crated during the day without barking

  • My dog is potty trained

  • My dog is up to date on his/her vaccinations

Form submitted.  We'll reach out soon.

pre-drop-off checklist

Drop-off Checklist

If your dog has not stayed with us before, complete the Petsitting Intake Form.

You will receive this via email after submitting a petsitting request (above).


Save our drop-off and pick-up protocol so you know what to expect.

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