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private lessons



Private lessons are coaching sessions with all owners of the dog present.  The trainer will explain a training exercise for your dog, demonstrate the exercise, and then coach each family member through practicing the exercise themselves.  You will be left with notes and specific homework to practice daily for 1 week.  We call this "human training".

When Private Lessons are Best


Because private lessons don't come in packages, they are only offered to people who have a specific goal or have prior experience training dogs.  If you require more than 5 sessions, you will need to enroll in the Tutoring or Homeschool Programs.


Examples of when we suggest private lessons:

"I only want my dog to stop barking at the door on command."

"I only want my dog to learn shake."

"I have some training skills and am overall making progress, but would like some pointers."

Pricing and Getting Started


Private lessons are $165 each and are scheduled individually.  Schedule a phone consult to determine whether Traction's private lessons are for you or to get started.

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