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tutoring program



The Tutoring Program is a 4 week training program.  1 week prior to the start of your program, you'll have an initial meeting with your trainer at your home to put together an in-depth agenda of goals for you dog and to lay training foundations.


Once training begins, your trainer will come to your house twice a week.  Day 1 is a one-on-one training session between dog and trainer that minimizes distractions to maximize learning.  Day 2 is a private coaching session with all owners of the dog.  The trainer will demonstrate what your dog has learned and will coach each family member as they practice themselves.  You will be left with notes and homework to practice daily for the rest of the week.

Special Benefits


The Tutoring program includes lifetime access to our Petsitting program, Varsity Subscription, and After-School programs to keep training consistent, advancing, and fun!

When the Tutoring Program is Best


The Tutoring program is best for people who want to be hands-on for puppy or basic training.  Although your dog will get "tutoring" from the trainer, progress still depends on your commitment to daily practice. 

Pricing and Getting Started


The Tutoring Program costs a total of $1495.  Payment plans are available.  Schedule a phone consult to determine whether Traction's Tutoring Program is for you or to get started.

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