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Traction Dog Training Club provides premier intensive in-home dog training classes in Boulder, Colorado. Our dog training classes are individualized and custom-tailored for the specific needs of your dog and your family!

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Mara is someone you would love to have in your home anytime. She was always on time and very professional and patient. She was more than we could have ever hoped for. The Mary Poppins of dog training!

Venom, 5 months old

now introducing the
homeschool program

Daily training for your dog in their own home

and neighborhood in Boulder, all while you're at work.

Joe Kelly, Archie
Joe Kelly, Archie

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Ryan Kelly, Maze
Ryan Kelly, Maze

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Joe Kelly, Archie
Joe Kelly, Archie

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how it works

create a custom training plan

Schedule a consultation with our dog trainers in Boulder and we can help you and create a custom training plan with goals specific to your family and lifestyle.

Set your focus on off-leash or advanced obedience, CGC, a Boulder off-leash permit, or behavior issues such as leash aggression or resource guarding.

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complete a 3-week program

For 3 weeks, your dog is trained in your own home and neighborhood Monday through Friday.


Monday through Thursday each week consists of training sessions alone with the dog(s) in Boulder.  This minimizes distractions for both dog and trainer so learning can efficiently take place. You do not need to be home.

Friday each week consists of a private coaching session with the family to see what the dog has learned and to practice it themselves.  

Video updates are sent daily. 

lifetime access to your trainer

Following your 3 week program, you will always have access to your trainer for help via text, call or email.  2 follow-up sessions are included and can be used at any time, for any reason.

Your trainer will also be available to petsit your dogs following their training program - this keeps your training consistent even while you're away!

(Availability limited)

meet the trainers

mara soo
behavior & off leash obedience

Mara is one of the highest rated pet dog trainers in Boulder, CO.  She began her training journey in 2008 when she began studying horse training under various sport horse trainers across the US reaching Olympic levels. She competed with her off-the-track racehorse in "eventing" and trained horses for use in children's therapy.


She went on to train mountain lions, bears, elk, river otters, bald eagles and opossums at a wildlife sanctuary in North Carolina.  The animals learned practical skills for exams and medical procedures such as voluntarily accepting vaccinations and getting on a weigh scale as well as an array of crowd pleasing tricks.

Mara transitioned to training dogs after adopting her first Husky in 2017 and falling in love with behavior modification for shelter and abandoned dogs.  She moved to Colorado in July 2020 and holds a 5-star Google and Thumbtack rating for training.

Mara is Traction's go-to for behavior cases and off leash obedience because of her love and skill for granting dogs new perspectives and freedoms.

When not training professionally, Mara can be found training her Doberman Venom for competitive personal protection work or going for hikes with her python and Australian Shepherd.

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tina chavez
puppy training & basic obedience


Tina Chavez brings together decades of high level experience in both teaching people and training dogs.  Throughout years of professionally coaching new business owners, she simultaneously built an understanding of training dogs beginning with her own Miniature Pinscher Lily in 2006.  


Tina's first working dog, a Doberman named Vida, set her on a path of transitioning fully towards her love of dogs as she mentored under a local trainer and quickly moved on to mentoring under his coaches as her knowledge grew.  Under her master coach, a nationally recognized sport dog trainer in Colorado, Tina successfully completed Vida's AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title, the DPCA Working Aptitude Evaluation (WAE), and the Working Aptitude Completion (WAC) title test.  Tina also holds a current certification in K9 First Aid and CPR.  


In 2021, Tina graduated in the top 10% of the world renowned Ne Po Po Silver School and will return for Gold School in 2022 to study further under Bart Bellon, inventor of many modern dog training methods.  


Tina is Traction's go-to for puppy training and basic obedience programs because she excels in "human training" as well as dog and puppy training.  You can count on Tina to bring you along on an in-depth journey to learn about your dog's development and learning processes.  


When not training professionally, you'll find Tina preparing her Doberman Vida for her PSA1 title, advanced AKC scent work titles, and laying training and protection foundations for her Doberman puppy Drogon.

I went through a couple other local trainers while trying to focus on training both my dogs once I moved to Boulder. I spent weeks with these trainers and too much money (it’s embarrassing) and they couldn’t accomplish what Mara did in ONE DAY. She was so kind but firm with her training.  Before Mara, Juniper pulled on leash when other dogs where around and REALLY wanted to chase deer and rabbits. Now she stays glued to my side (and gets rewarded generously). Aspen is FULL of energy and pulled aggressively when running, now he doesn’t pull at all. WE ARE SO HAPPY with Mara! We opted for the homeschooling sessions and the repetitive training really stuck. 


programs & pricing

private lessons

Individual private coaching sessions with the whole family.  Lessons can be purchased as needed.

Best for people who want training touch-ups or have some training experience.

hybrid program

4 week program with the following weekly schedule:

Day 1: Training session alone with the dog

Day 2: Private coaching session with the family

Best for people who want to be hands-on in achieving results.

homeschool program

3 week program with the following weekly structure:

Mon-Thurs: Training session alone with the dog

Fri: Private coaching session with the family

Best for people who want superior results or have busy schedules.


Could my dog be too young or too old for training?

No dog is too young or too old to start training! If you have a new puppy, we recommend you schedule the initial meeting with your trainer as soon as possible, then plan to begin active obedience training around 12 weeks of age. This ensures you have a sound plan for potty training, crate training, socialization, and preventing bad habits from day one. Schedule a phone consult with a trainer to get started today.

Can I enroll more than one dog in a training program?

Yes, although in some situations we recommend a custom training program if your dogs have a significant difference in age or training goals. Enrolling more than one dog in a single program does not affect program pricing. We offer a detailed consultation to determine the best approach for training your dogs together.

What training methods do you use?

Our trainers are skilled in multiple science-backed training methodologies and apply any methods that will be safe and effective for your dog. Most training programs primarily rely on positive reinforcement training and will be supplemented with balanced dog training methods. View a detailed outline of our training methods here, and specific approaches to different goals from the menu of our website.

Do you offer training outside of Boulder County?

Yes. While we are primarily based in Boulder and Broomfield County, we typically accept clients in surrounding areas of Boulder County such as Lafayette, Longmont, and Denver. Schedule a call to determine whether training is available at your address.

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