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basic obedience

how we train:

Bring peace and clarity to your home.

When you begin your basic obedience program, you'll be asked to think in detail about what skills and behaviors are important for your dog to have to easily flow with your family.  Some common goals include:

  • Responding to name

  • Come when called

  • Heel on a leash (stay at your side and match your pace)

  • No: stop any unwanted behaviors

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay / wait

  • Polite eating, crate and leash habits

  • Place (go to a mat and stay there)

  • Greeting guests at the door

  • Getting in and out of the car

  • Go public places like restaurant patios

  • Respecting people and animals' personal space in the house

  • Hiking, jogging, or biking with you

  • Mild separation anxiety or potentially threatening behaviors

  • Flying on a plane with you

  • Leaving and staying out of the kitchen/nursery/etc. on command

  • Running on a treadmill

The amount of training that can be accomplished varies based on the training program selected (view options here).

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