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how we train:

Leash reactivity is considered our specialty.

Leash reactivity programs begin by teaching a "heel" command that enables you to walk your dog on a loose leash as they focus on you instead of elements of the environment around them.

Your dog is then taught "no" using 1-2 bad habits they have around the house.  This solidifies your dog's understanding and reaction to the word "no" as a marker for something they are never allowed to do.

With an understanding of "heel" and "no", the two concepts are combined to communicate to your dog what behavior around other dogs/people/cars/bikes/etc. is inappropriate and never acceptable.  Because the specifics of this protocol vary dog to dog and timing is critical in order to be fair and effective, the Homeschool program is required.  

At the end of the Homeschool program, dogs are typically neutral to stimuli they were previously reactive to.

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