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program applications

For each year someone is a member of the Traction Dog Training Club,

we donate training to 5 local rescue dogs in need.

We have found that the biggest factor of a rescue dog successfully adjusting to a new home is what communication the pet parents establish in the first days of the dog’s arrival, using a marker training system to clearly encourage good behaviors and clearly discourage unwanted behaviors.

If you have or are getting a rescue dog, apply to benefit from this program here.

how to apply

1. Submit the application below.

2. A trainer will contact you via email to schedule training if you meet program requirements.

3. Provide some final information about your dog and schedule a training session!


Your dog is from a recognized rescue organization.

You are committed to helping your dog become an exemplary canine citizen.

You live within a 15 minute commute of 5170 Table Mesa Dr in Boulder, CO

OR within a 20 minute commute of 7397 W 44th Ave in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Priority will be given to dogs with concerning behavior issues.​


How much training will my dog receive?

You’ll receive 1 free in-home session and learn exercises to implement immediately.

Are there any age or breed requirements?


What if my dog has a serious bite history?

No problem!

What if I live outside the service area?

You’re welcome to apply and meet us inside the service area for training.

Do Any of the Following Apply to Your Dog?

Success! Look out for an email from us soon.

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