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Boulder’s Private Training Club











Get the training support you need,

at your own pace,

from highly qualified, expert trainers.

Private In-Home Sessions

Private In-Home Sessions

These are where your trainer comes to your home to teach you and your dog new skills.

There will be demonstrations of training games and exercises, customization of those exercises, and coaching as you learn to do them with your dog yourself.

Members-Only Group Classes


Group Classes

Group classes provide challenging environments where Varsity dogs can apply what they’ve been learning at home.

Classes range from fun obedience competitions, to agility play-days, to classes that prepare you for smooth vet visits and more!

Board in Trainers’ Homes

Board your dog in your trainer’s home keep training consistent even while you’re away.

During their stay, your dog will receive the same level of care as they were their trainer’s own dog. Choose from regular boarding, or boarding with dedicated training sessions added.

Boarding in Trainers' Homes

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Varsity FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enroll more than one dog in a training program?
    Yes, although in most situations the length of each training session as well as the price of each program increases by 50%. This allows ample time to be spent with each dog without doubling the price of the program. We offer a detailed consultation to determine the best approach for training your dogs together.
  • What training methods do you use?
    Our trainers are skilled in multiple science-backed training methodologies and apply any methods that will be safe and effective for your dog. Most training programs primarily rely on positive reinforcement training and will be supplemented with balanced dog training methods. View a detailed outline of our training methods here, and specific approaches to different goals from the menu of our website.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. You will have the option to choose a payment plan through Affirm after signing up for a program. Affirm offers payment plans from 2 to 36 months long. Learn more about payment plans through Affirm here. Varsity members simply pay $95 or more per month for training with no upfront costs.
  • Could my dog be too young or too old for training?
    We find that old dogs are the easiest to teach new tricks! However, we recommend that puppies under 16 weeks of age train on Varsity and complete a more intensive training program when they’re over 16 weeks of age. This ensures you have a sound plan for potty training, crate training, socialization, and preventing bad habits from day one. Schedule a phone consult with a trainer to get started today.
  • Can I cancel Varsity at any time?
    Yes! You can pause or cancel your Varsity membership at any time.
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