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Traction Dog Training Club provides intensive in-home dog training programs in Carlsbad, California. Our dog training programs are privately catered and custom tailored for the specific goals of your dog and family.

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homeschool program

Daily training for your dog in their own home

and neighborhood in Carlsbad, all while you're at work.

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homeschool: how it works

96% of people choose the Homeschool program.


1: customize your training agenda

Schedule a consultation with our dog trainers in Carlsbad to build your custom-tailored training plan specific to your lifestyle and your dog's personality.

Following your phone consultation, you'll receive an email package with everything you need to get started in one place.  A signed training agreement and a $199 deposit officially reserve your training dates.

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2: complete a 3-week program

Monday through Thursday each week consists of one-on-one training sessions between dog(s) and trainer in your Carlsbad home and neighborhood.  This minimizes distractions for both dog and trainer so learning can efficiently take place. You do not need to be home.

Friday each week consists of a private coaching session with the family.  Your trainer will explain what and how your dog learns, demonstrate their new skills, and coach each owner through using the new skills in the real wor.

3: plan continued education

Following your 3 week program, your dog has lifetime priority access to our Petsitting Program, our Varsity Subscription, and After-School Programs like agility, nosework, rally obedience, trick training, and more! 

The Varsity Subscription covers one session with your trainer monthly to tweak, improve, and add on to your dog's skills.

In addition, the Homeschool program includes 2 free follow-up sessions.




homeschool program


tutoring program

Private lessons

private lessons

3 week program with four 1:1 training sessions and one coaching session with the owner(s) each week.


Includes 2 free follow-up sessions & priority access to Petsitting and After-School programs.

Best for people who want superior results or have busy schedules.

4 week program with one 1:1 training session and one coaching session with the owner(s) each week.

Includes intial in-person consultation.

Best for people who want to be hands-on in achieving results.  Homework is required.

Individual private coaching sessions with the owners.

Best for people who want training touch-ups or have some training experience.

Not available for off leash or behavior training.

$2400 - 2485

$1440 - 1485

$160 - 165 each

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payment plans available

NO credit check

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Available to Graduates of the Homeschool & Tutoring Programs

The Petsitting Program

Board your dogs in a Traction Dog Trainer's private California home as the only extra guest.  Keep training consistent even while you're away.

The Varsity Subscription

Subscribe to one monthly lesson with your trainer in Carlsbad to continue making tweaks, advancements and improvements, or simply to make sure training never slips up.

After-School Programs

Enroll in a 5-week group class to try out extracurricular activities with your dog! 

You'll try agility, nosework, rally obedience, CGC/therapy certification, and trick training!


meet the trainers

Mara Soo and Doberman

mara soo
lion, bear & elk trainer

  • Trained upper-level sport horses across the US

  • Trained mountain lions, bears, elk, bald eagles, otters and owls professionally

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

Tina Chavez and Doberman

tina chavez
top 10% ne po po graudate

  • Learned directly from Bart Bellon, inventor of many modern dog training methods

  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R., and Trick Dog Evaluator

  • Competes in APPDA and PSA (protection and patrol dogs)

Will Coggins and Shepherd

will coggins
special ops, swat, & fbi k9 trainer

  • Certified MWD Handler in obedience, patrol, and narcotics and explosives detection

  • Graduated Marine Corps K9's intensive training course in long range off leash training

  • Conducted dog training seminars for the Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, NCIS, and NPD

Kelsey Bowyer and Aussie

kelsey bowyer
protection sports decoy

  • PSA decoy/trainer and competitor in PSA (protection & patrol dogs)

  • Head Trainer certified and Remote Collar certified from Sit Means Sit

  • Certified PAVLOV Dog Trainer in Operant Conditioning and Learning Theory

service area & faq
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Service Area & Out-of-Service-Area Protocols

Our service area includes any address within a 15 minute commute from 3401 College Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92056.

If you are outside this area, no worries!

You can meet us in Carlsbad for training, or pay extra fees and we'll come to your home anyway.

Schedule a phone consultation to get an exact quote if you are outside our service area.

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What Happens Next?

Complete your 3-5 week Custom Training Program

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Reserve your Program Dates by Paying a $199 Deposit and Signing our Training Agreement

Enjoy our Petsitting, After-School, and Varsity programs, Lifelong!


The Traction Dog Training Club was born in 2020 in Boulder, Colorado by business and animal enthusiast Mara Soo.  Mara combined multiple past businesses, from green technology to employment services, with an unavoidable love for animals.  She had left jobs training sport horses and zoo keeping for new business ventures, but after starting professional dog training in 2019, she knew it was the "click" she'd been waiting for.  More importantly, she noticed several enormous inefficiencies in modern dog training in the US.  Traction and its unique training models was instantly successful, hiring its first five full-time team members and expending to 3 cities in the first 6 months.  

Traction's training techniques are uniformized across the team, the result of a rigorous screening process and strong culture of constant collaboration and communication among trainers.  Many programs are inspired by the unique skills of Traction trainers, whether it's Will Coggins' 10 years experience training narcotics and exposives detection leading to nosework classes, or Tina Chavez's insatiable quest for continued education leading to the Sampler Course.

Thus far, every Traction trainer shares a background in training patrol and protection K9s.

Thank you for joining the Traction Dog Training Club!